Submission Guidelines

Site Zed accepts the following types of content:

-written articles
-photo essays

The subject matter must relate to paddlesports and be original (not published on any other site). In general, we are looking for content that is thought provoking and interesting. If the thesis for your piece is “We went to Chile and ran the stouts”, please don’t send it to us- there are many other sites for that type of material.

While we place no limit on the subject matter, here are some possible suggestions:

-epic trip reports
-editorials and opinion
-scientific and technical subjects

-historical subjects

Site Zed is not beholden to any advertisers or sponsors, but we will also not publish what we feel to be slanderous or libelous material. If you call someone or something out- cite it.

Site Zed is in-part underwritten by Immersion Research and, if we publish your piece, you are eligible for a one-time 50% discount off an IR gear order.

All pieces will be reviewed by the editor for consideration. Before starting on a piece, feel free to submit ideas to the editor for vetting.  Submit it all to

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