Welcome to Site Zed

Site Zed publishes interesting and thought-provoking original content inspired from paddlesports.  The name comes from the Stikine River in British Columbia, Canada.  Site Zed on the Stikine is the scene of a proposed dam, a local fight against dam construction, and a massive rapid that remained un-run until 2012.  The complexity of its history and the scale of its rapid makes Site Zed a thought-provoking and inspiring locale for the paddlers lucky enough to experience it. This site aspires to be a similarly rich and complex in the stories it tells.

We will be publishing long-form content several times a year with the hopes of giving readers meaty ideas to chew on. Our pieces will range in topic but remain united in their connection to the world of paddlesports.  The first pieces investigate the kayaking community’s value on paddling technique and style, the consequence of whitewater dam releases, and a frank look at the paddlesports industry’s dependency on overseas manufacturing.  This gives a window into the depth and quality to expect from Site Zed.
We welcome your comments and hope you enjoy Site Zed.